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whale watching boat 770 Hermanus in South Africa is the Land Based Whale Watching capital of the world and every whale watching trip is a unique experience where the sightings vary.  Southern Right Whales are the stars of the show during the annual mating in calving season, which starts with the arrival of the bulls in June, closely followed by the females.  They will mate during their sojourn in the South African Cape Coastal waters. Pregnant female Southern Right Whales will be the last to arrive and the last to leave with their new born calves. Only when the calves are fit enough will they swim back to the Antarctic waters where she and the calf will feed on krill, a nutritious rice grain size crustacean.

On a typical whale watching trip you may encounter Cape Fur Seals, pods of common dolphins or the playful bottlenose dolphins and the endangered Africa Penguins. Depending on the time in season you may also see migrating Humpback Whales or the resident Bryde’s Whales. The Hermanus Walker Bay area also attracts a large concentration and variety of seabirds.

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"The anticipation and excitement was touchable…. standing on the top deck of the boat we were scanning the seas around us for any sign of the familiar V-shaped spray ….. then, right next to the boat in Hermanus, a southern right whale lift its head out of the water are stared at us!! This humbling, awe inspiring experience created memories for a lifetime…!!”  one of our regular guest comments. 

Walbeobachtungen in Süd-Afrika. 

Herzlichen Dank a Whale Watchers Hermanus!
Wir waren in Süd-Afrika in Hermanus auf Tour. Wir haben dort die Wale von ganz nahe gesehen.

Bay Cruises in Hermanus

Experience Hermanus this holiday season from a different angle. The perfect holiday activity for the whole family

hemanus cruises

View our beautiful town from sea and realise how lovely Walker Bay and Hermanus really is. These one hour cruises is a perfect outdoors activity for the whole family.

The Whale Watchers offers Bay and Sunset cruises at 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00, but can make alternative time arrangements for groups larger than 15 persons.