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Few destinations in South Africa are larger than the Cape Whale Coast. Boat based, land based and aerial whale watching has fondly earned this southern most coast of Africa the name Whale Capitol of the World. Tourists not only visit to watch whales or dive with Great White Sharks. They also want to buy clothes, jewels, wine, and souvenirs. They want to stroll on soft sandy beaches and hike amongst fynbos. They want no less eagerly to know about the restaurants, the celebrated cellars where they can discover what a refined pleasure wine wasting can be.

Souther Right Whales visit the Cape Whale Coast annually from June till December

Adrenaline junkies, the smart set, and the unsophisticated, the nonchalant ones, the old and the young visit The Cape Whale Coast to shop, joke, flirt, quarrel, get married… always living with zest and individuality!

We hope your stay in Hermanus will leave you with memories for life…

Whale Watching is a close encounter of the Hermanus kind, where people and our marine visitors get to know each other up close and personal.

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