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Latest Video Clips:  Southern Right Whales


Southern Right Whale breaching next to boat.

Whales most spectacular activity is when they launch themselves up out of the water then twist and fall back down. This is called breaching, and it is believed they do this for several reasons ... to communicate, dislodge parasites, get a higher view, drive off predators or just play. Southern Rights usually only breach about three quarters of their bodies out of the water, but others such as Humpbacks can actually jump clear.


Boat-Based Whale Watching Video Clip.

Join us for a up close and personal experience - whale watching trip in Walkerbay, Hermanus close to Cape Town


Whale Watching near Cape Town in Hermanus 

This video was filmed and edited by a guest on The Whale Watcher Boat - New video about one of the most interesting activities in Hermanus (South Africa) watching whales